Backup & Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery means many different things; depending on your business model. It may mean simply setting up regular and reliable backup of your file server. It may mean saving the configuration of your webserver. It may mean mirroring your complete server environment to an offsite facility. The real questions remain the same. “What can you not live without, and for how long”.

The key to preparing for a disaster is identifying the most important digital aspects of your company, and and coming up with a comprehensive plan to recover them in the event of disaster or failure. One of the tricky aspects of disaster recovery is this: just because we are IT gurus, we may not understand what is of primary importance to your company.  That is why we will sit down with the leaders in your business and garner an understanding of your workflows and priorities before coming up with a disaster recovery plan.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for disaster recovery. Sure, we could implement the most complex and expensive solution, but here at MountainInfoSys we always want to ensure you get the best value for your dollar.

Don’t become a statistic! Contact us today so we can review your backup and disaster recovery needs.