Cloud and onsite Infrastructure

The IT environment of today is very dynamic. The majority of our customers have a blend of onsite and offsite technologies they leverage in order to get the best of both worlds.

Cloud based email such as Office 365 allows businesses to have one of the most costly aspects of their IT infrastructure hosted offsite in a highly available server farm hosted by Microsoft. This allows you have access to email where ever you are in the world, reliably.

There are certainly instances where businesses still need local infrastructure in order to keep running. File servers for storing large CAD drawings, media content and oil and gas application files are still very much needed. Cloud storage is still costly for large file storage and the speed is dependent on your internet connection and the number of people accessing it. Chances are you will also have local servers for controlling user authentication and access.

In either case, we can help. We can improve your onsite infrastructure, maintain and monitor it to ensure up time; and we can migrate existing on site services to the cloud. We’ll provide you with a customized solution to fit your specific business needs and ensure you have all the tools to scale your business.

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